Alex Pieussergues

I’m Alex Pieussergues, French Graphic Designer, Illustrator and automotive artist, based near Paris, and as far as I can remember, I have always been interested in motorsports.

When I was a child, I often rummaged through piles of my father’s F1 magazines and leafed in admiring the photos, we were in 1977-78. I have always been attracted to the artistic side of everything. I drew, photographed and sculpted. Racing cars for me are real objects of art, it is quite obvious that I can not photograph them, so I decided to draw them to reproduce and immortalize their splendid lines.

From the beginning, I chose to draw them in a profile pointing to the right (sense of occidental reading and direction of the future) with a comic style thanks to the technique of the clear line but with a hyper-realistic side that brings out the shadows and reflections.

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  • Kyra Cordrey

    My husband one of your drawings “Still I rise” celebrating Hamilton’s 4 world titles. Now he has 6 I was wondering if you were doing something or have done something which I could buy to update our collection? Thank you


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