Les grandes voitures de Citroën

art prints by

Nikolay Ivanov

This is probably the most distinctive form of #finecarart we`re displaying here at Simply Petrol. The Citroen in lines collection is like an explanation in love with all the magnificent Citroens we`ve seen through the years. This collection relies on the visual language of lines created by the color fibre-tip pens combined with unexpected precision.


Large Citroens poster print

This poster print displays all of the large and upmarket Citroen models like the DS, SM, CX, XM and the C6. All of them were quintessentially French and were great luxury cars. The large Citroens have a magic of their own – hydro-pneumatic suspension that gives sharp handling and smooth ride in a same vehicle. What a pity Citroen doesn’t offer anything as a replacement nowadays although this might change if you look carefully at Citroen Concepts art print. Now we can enjoy the French interpretation of premium motoring in a beautiful art print created by Nikolay Ivanov.


Citroen ID/ DS

This art print displays the legendary Citroen DS in three different modifications. Spectacular cabriolet, simple ID19 and prestigious DS21 are the incarnations of the legendary Goddess shown here. This large French car was full of technical novelties including self-leveling hydro pneumatic suspension which made it successful even in motorsports. The DS won the Monte Carlo Rally back in the 1959 and 1966 as well as 1000 Lakes Rally in 1962. But it was not designed for motorsport but for luxury. It was just so good that it was great for racing. Now you can own the Goddess in three different incarnations beautifully designed by Nikolay Ivanov.


Citroen SM & SM Cabrio poster print

This art print shows Citroen SM in both coupe and convertible bodies. This machine was meant to compete on the high priced market of grand tourers like those produced by Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo. The SM name stand for Systeme Maserati and indicates the engine source. The design of this sleek Citroen was penned by Robert Opron and the SM is definitely his masterpiece. Because of narrower rear track, looked from above the car had the shape of teardrop. The SM made history with its hydraulic everything, from power steering, brakes, suspension and lights right up to the rain sensing wipers. Last but not least – this very Citroen is the first car offered with plastic wheels instead of steel or light alloy. The carbon reinforced plastic wheels were produced by Michelin as an option. Even the fact that the rich and famous of the time loved the car, Citroen SM wasn’t a commercial success with only 12 920 vehicles produced. But it paved the way for the spectacular CX. Now you can own this masterpiece of French engineering in both coupe and convertible forms as a beautiful art print designed by Nikolay Ivanov.

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