David Marchal

David Marchal automotive artist

David is born and raised in Belgium where he got his degree in Interior Architecture. He is an experienced 3D artist with a unique approach in terms of photorealism, composition, colors and light. He is playful with existing shapes in order to create new ones presented in entirely different context.

David`s family started his automotive passion through their connoisseur taste in Citroen, based on DS, CX (hopefully GTi Turbo version), 2CV and GS presence in their garage.

As a late 80`s kid, David Marchal dreamed of the Jaguar XJ. Back then, this elegant saloon was the pinnacle of British luxury, hence expensive. When depreciation hit such cars because of their age and reliability, his father bought one in burgundy red. And he got in love again. Guess what – after his dad moved to another car, now David Marchal keeps an exclusive British cat in his garage.

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