Delage D6-70 Milord Cabriolet. Sheer elegance by Figoni et Falaschi

This design is based on pure elegance. The sketch shows the car in three different configurations. With the top up and down, as a cabriolet, and with the “Milord” – half-cabriolet setup, which gives this sample the specific touch of class that was so well-crafted by the French school of the 1930s.

The artistic way Joseph Figoni penned this Delage’s sketch shows the innovative and slender line that cuts the side of the car, which made his design a standout next to the other renderings of the time, and it is representative of Figoni et Falaschi’s signature of innovation and elegance, which made their workshop world famous in a short period of time.

This Delage was available with an optional folding windscreen, which adds versatility and, moreover, brings that magnificent touch of sport and freedom, which is evocative of a sunset drive along a winding shoreline road.


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