Lamborghini Countach poster art print

Welcome the ultimate 80`s automotive poster queen – Lamborghini Countach. Penned by Marcelo Gandini who also designed the superb Lamborghini Miura, this one was among the automotive eternal masterpieces.

Lamborghini Countach LP400S | Darin Schnabel ©2014 Courtesy of RM Auctions

Lamborghini Countach is a rolling form of fine car art

When Bertone showed up at 1971 Geneva Motor Show with the concept version of Countach the iconic Miura was just overshadowed. Lamborghini Countach looked as something out of a science fiction film. That’s why it was highly acclaimed in pop culture with appearances in movies and TV shows like Cannonball Run, Miami Vice, Rain Man, etc.

It was the first production car with scissors-like doors, known today as Lambo Doors. The car was also unique with its NACA ducts to cool the rear brakes and engine, just like a plane. Later you`ll find such ducts in Ferrari, including the legendary Ferrari F40. Lamborghini Countach was also spectacular with its unusual glazing, especially the rear view glass.

The Countach drivetrain was pretty unusual too. Its engine is longitudinally mounted in front of the rear wheels. Because of weight distribution purposes, it was pointed backward. The solution paid off – the mass distribution is just perfect with 49/51 front to rear. First production Lamborghini Countach cars were powered by the Miura 4 liter V12. Later the displacement was increased to 4.7 L, then to 5.2 L with four valves per cylinder. During its lifespan, the power output was between 370 and 758 hp for the Countach LP Turbo S version.

During its 16 years production life, Lamborghini Countach was made in slightly more than 2000 numbers. More than half of them was made in the 5 final production years, due to the management decision to increase Countach output.

Now you can own this passing through car art dedicated to the cult classic Lamborghini Countach, beautifully created by Ilya Avakov and carefully issued as poster art print by Simply Petrol.



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