As part of our team are Mercedes fanatics, we can say the love for the rugged off-roader is real. We feel the same about this piece of Mercedes-Benz G-Class art by Petr Pereshivaylov.


There are quite a few cars we praise for their long production span, and the original G-Class is one of them. Throughout the years it won the hearts and souls of military troops and company executives, hunters, off-roaders and construction professionals. You may ask yourself how is that possible and the truth to tell is we don't know.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class-01

Design and development.

A continuous four-decades-long advancement process began almost immediately after it's launch in 1979, which many consider being the key to its long-lasting success.

Mercedes-Benz developed the G-Class for seven years and tested it extensively in the Sahara desert, the Arctic circle and of course in German forests. A Siberian filmmaker documented his trip to the world's coldest region with slightly upgraded G Class in 2004. Something that had never been done before in a passenger vehicle.


The G-Class remains the only car with a factory engine range spanning from anemic diesel capable of 75 hp to enormous V8 or even V12 petrol engines. The latter accelerating from 0-100 km/h within 5 seconds. Beat that Wranglers & Defenders


The design of the G-Class is an example of evolution over revolution as a design principle. It was intended to sustain extreme off-road conditions and keep up with excessive everyday use. Still, it had to be capable of transporting four adults on the Landstrasse and even the city centre. The G-Class continued to serve these purposes with great ease even 40 years later. Of course, at the end of its life, it became an ultra-expensive style icon. Sometimes even in the form of nearly 600 bhp monster, we call G65 AMG.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class-Cabriolet-02-01

This Mercedes-Benz G-Class art on display features the convertible version. Unfortunately, it's out of production due to low demand. While it was attractive combining enormous off-road capabilities, a first-class luxury and open-top freedom, we don't expect it's comeback soon. It's no wonder that the Vatican ordered a tailor-made G-Class for John Paul II as his official transportation.

Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your living place with Mercedes-Benz G-Class art by Petr Pereshivaylov.



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