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Porsche 911 R fine car artwork by Paolo Villarubia. 

Carefully produced with our giclée process to maximize color accuracy and resolution. At Simply Petrol, we use the highest-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper (315 gsm) with delicate texture and acid-free surface.

Giclée (French for “to spray”) is a printing process where millions of ink droplets are sprayed to saturate the fibers of the watercolor paper, resulting in pure, rich color and remarkable detail.



These are just a few reasons why Porsche 911 R deserves to be immortalised as a car art

It smells of petrol, of asphalt, of hot brakes. It can tell you stories of historic races, of victories and speed records. The R in its name stands for racing. And it is the first ever racing version of Porsche 911. As of today, Porsche 911 R is still the lightest 911 ever built.

The story of 911 R begins with Ferdinand Piëch, the nephew of Ferdinand Porsche who was head of R&D at Porsche back in the day. He wanted to create a true racing car based on the 911 model. So he made it possible with the help of the racing mechanic Rolf Wütherich. They started with weight reduction and stripped every gramme of unnecessary weight. Sound insulation – gone, glass windows – gone, metal body panels – gone. Only the steel bodyshell was retained. And every metal part was drilled just like Swiss cheese in order to save more weight. The inside door handles were swapped with simple plastic straps to save few more grammes. The rear lights of 911 R are different from the stock ones because they are a little bit lighter than originals. This is what we call persistence. It led to weight reduction as of 230 kg so the Porsche 911 R put the scale at 800 kg.

porsche 991 r

The next step of turning the 911 into a true projectile was the engine. 6 cylinder boxer used by Porsche 906 and 916 with 210 hp at 8000 rpm was installed in the engine bay of 911R. It gave acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds and could cover a 1-kilometer distance from a standstill in just 24.2 seconds. Note that this is 1 second faster than Porsche 904 Carrera GTS and full 5 seconds faster than the iconic Alfa Romeo GTA.

To race this car, Porsche had to produce at least 500 examples of 911 R. Bookkeepers said it is impossible at the price of 45,000 DM, almost double the price of 911S, esp. in the beginning of a negative economic cycle. So, just 19 of them were made and Porsche 911 R didn’t get the GT homologation it deserved. That’s why it was raced mainly as a rally car and don’t miss this – as a prototype.

On various of racing events, Porsche 911 R was faster than Alfa Romeo GTA, Ford GT40 MK III and was unexpectedly close to the Matra`s 12-cylinder prototype beasts. It also set 5 new long-distance speed records – including the 20,000 km at Monza at an average speed of 209 km/h.

Now you can own this crucial piece of Porsche history as car art poster print created by Paolo Villarubia and carefully issued by Simply Petrol.


Paolo Villarubia is a young and promising industrial design student from the Art Institute of Orange County, California.  He is following his passion and aiming towards a Transportation Design career.  He has a deep passion for drawing cars ever since he first held a pencil.  In his free time, you`ll catch him up drawing his favorite cars like Porsches, BMWs and Ferraris from classics to futuristic. Or he will be pulling the strings of his guitar and rockin` out. You`ll recognize his style by minimal yet dynamic approach.


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 : Paolo Villarubia
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