Chrysler Saratoga Tailfin photo print


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59 Chrysler Saratoga Tailfin poster print by Matthew McCarthy, part of Tailfin Collection.

Gallery quality photo art prints on 290 gsm bright white premium paper with 110% whiteness with gloss 15% @ 60°.



The 59 Chrysler Saratoga was designed by Virgil Exner, one of the tailfins preachers in America who insisted that this element gave cars not just enhanced aesthetic but also better aerodynamics. And all car brands of Detroit followed this trend. 59 Saratoga is designed as part of “Forward Look” design theme, created by Exner – the man who invigorated Chrysler shapes and lines and made them attractive to customers. You can own this piece of timeless design artistically photographed by Mathew McCarthy in high quality art print.

1959 Chrysler Saratoga ad


Mathew McCarthy is one of those guys that doesn’t like to talk about their self or the artwork they create. If you ask him, he`ll let you know that he never felt the need to explain what he is doing and prefer to let his artworks to speak for itself. But he`ll admit that it is blending some of the greatest loves in his life – history, photography and vehicular transportation. One more thing – he is among the very few who feel the beauty of the detail. And he is sharing it with us via his magnificent art photo prints.


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Mini – 8 x 12 inches | 20 x 31 cm, Small – 13 x 21 inches | 33 x 52 cm

 : Mathew McCarthy
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