Bernd Rosemeyer and Auto Union Type C historic photo print


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Bernd Rosemeyer and Auto Union Type C historic photo car art print by LAT Photography.

Gallery quality photo art prints on 290 gsm bright white premium paper with 110% whiteness with gloss 15% @ 60°.



Historic racing car art with Bernd Rosemeyer and his Auto Union Type C winning Donington GP in 1937. It was an epic race that strengthened the German domination in GP series of that time. German drivers with german racing cars finished on 1-6 positions. Prince Bira of Siam was the best ranked non-German with a non-German car. He managed to push his Maserati into 7th position, 2 laps behind the winner.

Bernd Rosemeyer was the star of `37 Donington GP event. The competition was led by Hermann Lang with Mercedes in the first few laps but he retired with a broken damper. The lead changed hands several times between Manfred von Brauchitsch, Rudolf Caracciola, and Rosemeyer. Brauchitsch and Rosemeyer both recorded the fastest lap with equal time – 2:11,4. Unfortunately, Brauchitsch punctured a tire and Rosemeyer took advantage of this and was perfect until the end of the race.

Rosemeyer is an iconic motor sports figure. He was a complete newbie when he was picked as Auto Union pilot. Such decision paid back extremely well because Bernd Rosemeyer along with his teammate Tazio Nuvolari were the only ones who handled well the car with mid-engine layout and power output as of 500 hp. After marrying the famous aviator Elly Beinhorn he learned to fly a private plane. Before a testing session, he once used a section of Nurburgring as a landing strip and rolled his plane to the pits via the race track. This is what is LIKE A BOSS means today. Just like his rejection of the SS officer rank, he was awarded from Heinrich Himmler.


The LAT archive is one of the largest motoring and motor sport picture collections in the world with over 12 million colour images and black and white negatives dating back to 1895.

LAT Photography hosts well over 1.2 million images. This has been achieved by the amalgamation of a number of previously separate archives, which are now housed under one roof.

The photo archive is filled with not just recent F1, WRC, World Endurance Championship, Le Mans 24 Hours, IndyCar, NASCAR, ALMS, GP2 Series, GP3 Series, World Series by Renault, DTM, and National Championships images but also pictures from the entire history of motoring.

Thanks to our partnership with LAT Photography we are able to share with you some of the brightest historic motor sports car art photo prints.


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