Ferrari F40 photo print


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Ferrari F40 car art photo print by David Marchal.

Gallery quality photo art prints on 290 gsm bright white premium paper with 110% whiteness with gloss 15% @ 60°.



Since we are deep into car art at Simply Petrol, we are delighted to share a new point of view at one of Ferrari masterpieces. Take a look at F40 from the top. You have never ever seen this car like this, aren’t you?


Ferrari F40 was designed by Pininfarina to celebrate Ferrari`s 40th anniversary. At the time it was the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car made in Maranello. And guess what – it was delivered without a spare wheel and jack. Because this 2-door Berlinetta doesn’t need additional weight. The body was made of kevlar, carbon fiber, and aluminum in order to achieve high strength structure while keeping weight low. Windows were even made of plastic to keep the F40 as nimble as possible. The unusually low ground clearance forced Ferrari to include the ability to raise the vehicle when necessary.

Now you can own this spectacular point of view at Ferrari F40, artistically created by David Marchal and beautifully issued by Simply Petrol.


David is born and raised in Belgium where he got his degree in Interior Architecture. He is experienced 3D artist with a distinctive approach in terms of photorealism, composition, colors and light. He is playful with existing shapes in order to create new ones presented in entirely different context.

David`s family started his automotive passion through their connoisseur taste in Citroen, based on DS, CX (hopefully the GTi Turbo version), 2CV and GS presence in their garage.

As a late 80`s kid, David Marchal dreamed of Jaguar XJ. Back then, this sporty coupe was the pinnacle of British luxury, hence expensive. When depreciation hit such cars because of their age and reliability, his father bought one in burgundy red. And he got in love again. Guess what – after his dad moved to another car, now David Marchal keeps an exclusive British cat in his garage.


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 : David Marchal
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