Porsche 356 1600S photo print


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Porsche 356 1600S car art photo print by David Pisani.

Gallery quality photo art prints on 290 gsm bright white premium paper with 110% whiteness with gloss 15% @ 60°.



Undoubtedly, Porsche 356 is one of the truly fine cars of its time. Definitely, a reason to offer you a fine car art photo print of Porsche 356 in its 1600S incarnation, shot by David Pisani with a period correct camera.

Back to 356. Imagine a small and light sports car that might be drifted in a gentle, casual way. The gear lever leads to four-speed all-synchro transmission with smooth, silent and butter-slicing gear changes. Well, it’s long and feels somehow spongy but hey, this piece of mechanics was designed for Cisitalia Formula 1 car and was used on Ferrari and Maserati GP machines.

Porsche 356 Speedster Art

356 was much more than just the very first Porsche-branded production car and the predecessor of 911. It was a very personal car and a status symbol of connoisseurs who knew something on cars and appreciate fine points of design and craftsmanship. It is equally pleasing both in the city and on curvy open roads.

Now you can feel this very special Porsche in an impactful photo car art print, created by David Pisani and issued by Simply Petrol.


David Pisani is a professional photographer specialized in architecture and urban reportage. He is mostly known for his passion for Black and White photography and is an avid darkroom printer. His love for classic and vintage cars is probably less known however he has been a classic car enthusiast since childhood, so it was only inevitable that one day he should turn his camera to these marvels of engineering and beauty. He often photographs the cars with cameras of the same vintage and all his images are originated on film. David’s evocative and sensual photography transcends the classic car ethos to produce images of intrinsic beauty.


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In order to preserve this piece of #finecarart at its best, keep the print away from fluorescent lighting and direct sunlight and from areas with high humidity, and at normal room temperature between 18 – 23 °C // 64 – 73 °F.

 : David Pisani
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