Volkswagen Beetle photo print


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VW Beetle photo car art print by Alexander Nikolov.

Gallery quality photo art prints on 290 gsm bright white premium paper with 110% whiteness with gloss 15% @ 60°.



Automotive junkies never get enough of the Beatle. This car is a product that changed not just entire industry but the way people live. That is why the pulsating Volkswagen Beetle photo print we are sharing with you now is the ultimate fine car art.

This Volkswagen Beetle photo print is defining the pulse of entire generation

Defined by Adolf Hitler, inspired by Josef Ganz work, and designed by Ferdinand Porsche, Volkswagen Beetle, known also as the Bug, is both the longest running production and most manufactured car on a single platform. With more than 21 million Beetles built in 15 countries in total, this is nothing less than a legendary car, responsible for post-WWII civic motorization. Baby boomers turned into a cultural icon by transforming the Hitler`s idea of a people`s car into a symbol of personal freedom. It is a pure paradox that Hitler`s war campaign was funded to some extent by the German families savings deposited for a brand new Beetle they never got on time.

Volkswagen Beetle art

Someone said that VW Beetle is so ugly that it is beautiful. After WWII ended, British automotive industry head-honchos declared the strange looking car that arrived from bombed Germany as quite ugly, unattractive and noisy. At Simply Petrol`s team, we never felt the Beetle as ugly kind of car. We still feel it as cuteness emitting vehicle and when we managed to drive one, we got so many smiles and salutations. Just like the Herbie movies, putting VW Beetle into the lead.

This car has changed the way automotive brands advertised their vehicles. A Huge part of the Beetle`s American success among hippies, surf dudes, and budget conscious families is due to the “Think Small” campaign launched in 1959. This run out of print ads are definitely pieces of contemporary art.

Now you can own this meaningful VW Beetle photo art beautifully created by Alexander Nikolov and carefully issued by Simply Petrol.

The affinity in photography led Alexander to his Master degree in Photographic Arts. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria his main artistic interest is in contemporary art, especially minimalistic photography. His works were featured in numerous exhibitions and were selected for high-end contests. He relies both on analog and digital cameras for his shoots and sometimes Alexander even grabs his smartphone.

You can distinguish his style by the specific collages he creates. In his art, Alexander embeds thoughts and situations of his own. And the car is playing a major role as object of his works.


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 : Alexander Nikolov
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