The two-door coupe versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the '60s and '70s are among the most exciting sports models of the period. Undoubtedly, they are some of the signature automotive designs by Bertone.

It's not only aesthetics that makes this Alfa Romeo's design eternal. The car has relatively low weight, advanced aluminium DOHC engine and excellent weight distribution. That's what turns Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce into a pure driving miracle. In the 1976 Targa Florio's competition, Pietro and Vincenzo Donato drive their 2000 GTV to the 5th overall position and 1st in class.

This Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV poster is about the world's epic racing heritage

2000 GTV is the final edition of the 105 coupes that starts its production life as Giulia Sprint GT. Its dual camshaft engine has a bigger capacity of up to 2 litres. This is enough for 130 hp at 5500 rpm with the SPICA fuel injections, available only to US and Canadian customers. The cars on other markets rely on classic carburettors with the same output. The curb weight of this Alfa is way above 1000 kg, keeping its agile and nimble nature.

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The interior of the 2000 GTV has some changes. There is a separate instrument cluster which replaces gauges going directly in the dash panel. The horizontal chrome bars located on the grille of the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV are among its most distinguishable characteristics.

Some of the vehicles have optional “Turbina” alloy wheels and they are the same size as the standard 14-inch wheels. They are first seen on Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Alfa Romeo produces exactly 37 459 vehicles of the 2000 GTV model and the rarest of them are the ones Alfa Romeo manufactures in 1975 for the American market. The company sells them as 1974 models because it seems that they will not pass the emission test.

The sleek Alfa Romeo is a true inspiration for the artist Dziugas Valancauskas. You can inspire your motor soul too and purchase this elegant 2000 GTV art poster at Simply Petrol marketplace.



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