This BMW 2002 Turbo poster is telling the story of the most crucial car made by the Bavarian manufacturer. Its significance is not only due to the imposing Turbo body or the turbocharged engine himself. The BMW 2002 Turbo is the car that secured BMWs presence across the pond and achieved a timeless cool status in the United States.


Preface for the mighty BMW 2002 Turbo

At first, it was the relatively affordable small BMW 1600 who achieved to secure a portion of the American market. At that time it was heavily dominated by stunningly beautiful Alfa Romeos and extremely nippy Datsuns. The 1.6-litre 2-door coupe version of 1600 was named one of the best value for money cars on the American market.  Its 4-Cyl engine with around the 80 hp didn't make the car feel sporty. The hotter version known as 1600 Ti was never sold in the States due to emission standards. As always, this created an opportunity too exciting to overcome.

At the time both the BMW director of product planning and engine designer, independently from one another, swapped their M10s with 2.0 motors. The same idea also occurs to the legendary European importer Max Hoffman.  It was him who demanded a more powerful version to satisfy the American market. Soon after 2002 was introduced, and everyone got the chills of BMW driving.

BMW 2002 Turbo collage

Let it be "turbo"

2002 was created back then when BMW was an underdog. An era way before the brand became famous among every mid-level manager. Back in 1969, when the Rolling Stones, skinny ties and mini-skirts were the new normal, BMW raced a turbocharged version of 2002. The turbo technology was in its early days, hence not as reliable as today. Even though that was enough for Dieter Quester to win the European Touring Car Championship.

The production version of the 2002 Turbo was introduced in 1973 and became an instant success. It relied on KKK turbocharger and the 1600 tii's Kugelfischer injection, producing 170 hp. The light body of BMW 2002 meant stellar performance. Once the throttle sends the crankshaft revs above 4000 rpm and the turbocharger present itself, it was unstoppable.

Back in Germany BMW, 2002 Turbo was not beloved by the German Road Safety lobby. They believed the power of the car and the looks encouraged drivers to speed, misbehave and act dangerously on the road. Sadly it was the oil crisis of 1973 and 1974 which turned the BMW 2002 Turbo obsolete. Just 1672 numbers were produced due to abovementioned circumstances.

Today we are more than happy to share with you this beautiful BMW 2002 Turbo poster, beautifully created by Stamatis Tsirdimos and carefully issued by Simply Petrol. Make it yours as a gallery-quality art print or as a poster.



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