It’s time to talk about a masterpiece. One called the Ferrari 312 T4. You may consider to be an instant classic just because of the "prancing horse" mixed with some Scuderia flavour with its red colour. In reality, it's more than that, because of the incredible story. For instance, the 312 T4 was reliable unlike many of its predecessors and competitors. Now, reliability might not have made kids hang posters of this car on their walls, but endurance characteristics helped it win races, and that made kids and grownups fall madly in love with it. This car is the epitome of what you imagine when you think of Formula1 at the end of 1970’s.

Ferrari-312-T4_Gilles Villeneuve

Even though we will talk about the 312 T4 it will be only right to say that it was an evolution of the 312T, which grew into 6 different versions over its lifespan. If you are a Formula1 fan and know bit of its history or have watched the recent movie “Rush”, the 312T is the car that won Niki Lauda his first world championship title in 1975. Different versions of this car have taken part in 90 races overall, finished on podium in 61 of those races, won 27 and managed to clock 25 lap fastest lap records. If the numbers don’t astonish you enough, take a look at the drivers list: Niki Lauda, Clay Regazzoni, Jody Scheckter, Gilles Villeneuve and Carlos Reutemann. This car is just getting better and better, by every word of its history that one reads.

Now, let’s get back to the 312 T4, this car manages to stand out of the bunch of its brothers, because the looks of it had to be radically redesigned. Even though it’s reliability was legendary in 1979 this was not enoug. Other teams were working hard on innovation, you already had turbo-charged cars on the track, but most importantly aerodynamics of cars were evolving. Thanks to the reliability of the car, revamped downforce, which by the way was never taken into account before the T4 and the talent of Jody Sheckter Ferrari managed to bag the 1979 world championship title and add it to the list of the 312T’s achievments.



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