There is a very strong association between first-gen Ford Broncos and the Baja 1000 in its early years. Back in the day, buying this car gives you a true competition off-roader for a standard budget.

Pure enthusiasm and love of desert speeding power the Bronco and Baja 1000 is a true racing challenge. It covers almost 900 miles between Ensenada and La Paz in Baja, California. This is where the impeccable off-roading capabilities of Ford Bronco shine. The car wins four of the first six Baja 1000 competitions between 1967 and 1972.

1972 Ford Bronco Vintage ad

Ford builds Bronco as a compact off-roader and it becomes the very first Ford`s SUV. The Bronco project's authors are Donald Frey and Lee Iacocca who pushes the idea through production. The exact same team is responsible for the Ford Mustang project. Ford Bronco is way more original than Mustang because it has a dedicated platform. Its short wheelbase stops it from becoming a proper hauler but makes it agile as an off-road and work vehicle.

Back in the day, when you buy a Bronco means you can receive optional car extras that include an auxiliary gas tank, power take-off, snowplough, a winch and a post hole digger.

Ford Bronco is an epic off-roader

The truth is that the first-gen Bronco is an extremely good off-roader comparable to modern-day machines. This vehicle is designed for severe service and this wins it a huge fan base in the USA. Many of them are still on and off-road. '66 to '77 Broncos already cost a small fortune but it’s hard to find them as most owners are not eager to sell.

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