Nothing screams period-correct Porsche 911 as Fuchs wheels. If you can’t agree with this, we have a poster for you. Go Fuchs Yourself is a graphic poster art by Chris Hough hinting not just his epic sense of humor but also the unique story behind the Porsche` Fuchs wheels.

Go Fuchs Yourself. Now

When the Porsche 911 was designed back in the day, it was pretty clear that it will rely on something lightweight to reduce the unsprung mass. Up to the early 60`s, forged aluminum wheels were still unknown in mass production cars. The Porsche team wandered who to challenge with this task, and the name of Otto Fuchs popped up. Herr Fuchs from Meinerzhagen was the engineer who created such a wheel but, please take a note, for a tank. The Porsche Engineering Services was involved in the project, so the contacts with Otto Fuchs were still fresh. And he took the challenge. More than successfully, we would add.

Fuchs accepted the challenge and developed the first forged aluminum alloy wheels for series production. They became famous as the Porsche windmill wheels a.k.a. Fuchs, named today “The Fuchsfelge”. Porsche` Fuchs wheels had a significant production lifetime, available as optional or stock equipment on 911 for about 20 years. Today you can order them brand new via Porsche Classic. Its timeless design and innovation made them iconic which is making clear why we need a Fuchs Wheels poster.

The Porsche challenge accepted by Herr Fuchs laid the foundations of a prosperous business line. More than 2.5 million forged wheels are made by Fuchsfelge, including but not limited to the modern BMW i3 and 7 series, Audi R8, Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari California, etc.
Now you can make yours this beautiful Fuchs Wheels poster or Go Fuchs Yourself. It is up to you. If you are interested enough, keep in mind that it is available on poster paper or first quality Hahnemuelle archival paper.



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