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McLaren M8B poster print by Alex Pieussergues.

Carefully produced with our giclée method to maximise colour accuracy and resolution. At Simply Petrol, we use the highest-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper (315 gsm) with a refined texture and acid-free surface.

Giclée (French for “to spray”) is a print process where millions of ink droplets are sprayed to saturate the threads of the watercolour paper, resulting in pure, vibrant colour and remarkable detail.



Talking about the sounds, designs, feels and statistics is all good fun, but there is one particular car, that combined all of this, built and raced by a legend in the car world, that car is the McLaren M8B. Does not ring a bell? Then you better, open a new tab right away, find a video of it, listen to the sound and keep reading our story.


This car was more than just an astonishing piece of machinery, because of the whole team around it and the type of racing it did. The M8B raced in Can-Am races (Canadian-American Challenge Cup), although, as you know, McLaren was not an American company. Just imagine the combination: a European F1 style team, developing the brainchild of Bruce McLaren and racing it on the other side of the pond. The car was based on a small tubular chassis, used an unusually tall wing on its back for downforce, all dreamt up by McLaren’s twisted imagination. To top it all off, it had a rear-mounted aluminium big block with over 600+ horsepower and only God knows how much torque.

All you have to do now is imagine Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme, back in 1969, wearing their white racing suits and old school racing glasses, roaring around Watkins Glen or Texas Speedway, destroying everything in their path. They won all 11 races. Yes, you read that right. They won every single one of the races, with Bruce clinging the title, by just five points over his teammate.

Sadly, due to today’s safety regulations and limitations on horsepower, stories like the one we just told you will remain just that – stories, myths, and legends of the past.

Alex Pieussergues is a French Graphic Designer and Illustrator based near Paris and as far as he can remember, he has always been interested in motorsports.
When he was a child, Alex often rummaged through piles of his father’s F1 magazines and leafed in admiring the photos, we were in 1977-78. He has always been attracted to the artistic side of everything. He drew, photographed and sculpted. Racing cars for him are real objects of art, it is quite obvious that he can not photograph them, so he decided to draw them to reproduce and immortalize their splendid lines.

From the beginning, he chose to draw them in a profile pointing to the right (sense of occidental reading and direction of the future) with a comic style thanks to the technique of the clear line but with a hyper-realistic side that brings out the shadows and reflections.


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 : Alex Pieussergues
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