Porsche 917K Kurzheck poster print


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Porsche 917K Kurzheck fine car art by Joel Clark.

Signed, limited Giclee art print on 240 gsm matt paper.



Among all 59 Porsche 917 ever built, the Kurzheck coupe known as 917K is the one with the biggest contribution to the Porsche endurance racing success. This Kurzheck poster print is praising the #23 Team Salzburg racer that won 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans competition.

The Kurzheck or short tail was a high-downforce version of Porsche 917 with reduced top speed but way more effective in endurance racing. It helped Porsche to win Le Mans two years in a row, starting in 1970. 17 Porsche 917 entered that particular competition, just two of them resisted the fog, rain, day and night and successfully finished on 1-2 positions. Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood drove their Salzburg red and white 917K to Porsche’s first overall victory at LeMans.


Luckily, at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Herrmann and Attwood were reunited to drive again the legendary Team Salzburg red and white Porsche 917K, still wearing its Le Mans starting number #23. Beautiful moment for endurance racing aficionados crediting Porsche 917 as one of the best racing Porsche car ever created.

The truth is that 917K Kurzheck is not the only high-downforce version of 917. There is one more and it was designed by Robert Choulet. This car became famous as the Langheck or long-tail and it was intended to achieve remarkable top speeds down the Mulsanne straight. It did, Jackie Oliver reached speed of almost 400 km/h with his Porsche 917LH and set a long-lived speed record.

This Porsche 917K Kurzheck poster art is created by Joel Clark with his unique technique of hand cut vinyl. At Simply Petrol we are more than happy to give you access to his exceptional art, in the form of beautiful art prints, created by a truly sensational artist.

Joel Clark car art

His love of Motorsport, and anything-on-wheels, stretches back to childhood and growing up near to Silverstone. Joel`s father would take him to vintage race meets throughout the 80’s, resulting in his obsession with cars and bikes

Upon leaving school, Joel took a job designing and making vinyl stickers for race teams, with a Sign maker based at the circuit. This is where he learnt the skill of ‘hand-cutting’ vinyl. However Joel soon decided to go to Art College and 6 years later, left to pursue a career as a Creative in Advertising – working in some of the world’s biggest agencies.

Since leaving Advertising in 2014, he has now gone full-circle and returned to the unique skill Joel learnt back at Silverstone in 1990. Now he hands cut the vinyl to create artworks of cars. This use of vinyl gives Joel`s original pieces a totally unique finish to that of the actual car he is depicting. And when applied to helmets and body-panels, the results turn real objects into surreal pop art sculptures.

Up to date, Joel Clark is the only artist using hand cut vinyl as a medium – therefore his artworks are a truly unique and original offering. At Simply Petrol we are more than happy to share with you the art of this stunning automotive artists in the form of beautiful posters and art prints.


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 : Joel Clark
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