Talbot-Lago Teardrop II Art Print

Talbot-Lago Teardrop coupes are the epitome of automotive art deco. They take over the world with their fluid lines and aerodynamically enhanced speed. W.Fleming tells their story with this beautiful poster artwork.

The rise of Talbot-Lago begins with Antonio Lago who manages to buy a reasonable share in the Suresnes factory, built by Darracq. Toni Lago's next move is hiring Walter Brecchia as chief engineer. Brecchia's first task is to upgrade the existing Talbot T120 to T150 with a radically new hemisphere cylinder head for the 3-litre engine.

Coming from an artistic background, Antonio Lago knows what vanity is. He gets the public attention by building three demo cars in the French tricolour - white, blue and red. Under the hood is the old T120 engine as the new one needs time for development.


Improvements that matter


When the new engine is finally ready, it is produced in different versions for different chassis modifications. The 4.0-litre six-cylinder engine with three Zenith-Stromberg carburettors is capable of 160 or 190 hp, depending on the size of carburettors. The car is really fast and easily reaches 200 kilometres per hour. In 1938 one of these cars in (almost) stock condition finishes third in 1938 24 Hours of Le Mans. The year before, T150 is the quickest car in British Tourist Trophy, Tunisia and Marseille.

Talbot-Lago produces less than 30 Teardrop coupes. Figoni and Falaschi create the bodies of more than half of them. Marcel Pourtout, a notable coachbuilder completes a series of four chassis, famous today as Pourtout Aerocoupes. Their designer is Georges Paulin, a French dentist with bold ideas and interest in aerodynamics. He is also famous for inventing the first folding hardtop.

Paulin & Portout Aerocopues of Talbot-Lago are pretty close to Figoni and Falaschi's design. They keep the Teardrop shape and put it in a more aerodynamic context in order to achieve better efficiency, hence speed.

Now you can own this artistic tribute to automotive art deco at its finest. Order your Talbot-Lago Teardrop poster by W.Fleming now at Simply Petrol marketplace.



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