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Lamborghini Miura silhouette print produced from 5 mm DeBeers transparent Plexiglas, preserving the fine details and colors. With 3 layers of transparency, silhouette car prints provide the optimal contrast between the background and the object in the front.




At Simply Petrol we feel the shapes of Lamborghini Miura as pure automotive art. The first ever supercar is nothing less than breathtakingly beautiful. Its lines transformed the career of Marcello Gandini from a young and promising designer to genuine master artist. The profile of this car is the definition of flawless coolness and we are more than happy to share it with you in the form of beautiful Lamborghini Miura silhouette print.

The story of Lamborghini Miura is filled with great Italian automotive names. We just mentioned Marcello Gandini, then working for Nuccio Bertone. Ferruccio Lamborghini who loudly opposed to the strong figure of Enzo Ferrari forced him to follow his steps with this particular car. Gian Paolo Dallara, the man who founded Dallara Motorsports and became a strong engineering influence within the F1 world, created the chassis of the Miura. Giotto Bizzarrini, the man who engineered the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO is yet another spectacular name that formed Lamborghini Miura by designing its V12 engine.

Lamborghini Miura SV art

This Lamborghini Miura silhouette print is beautiful tribute to the first ever supercar

Even though Lamborghini borrowed its mid-engine layout right from motorsports, Ferruccio Lamborghini`s cars weren’t intended to be racers. His philosophy was to create a blistering fast road going cars, which had to be better than the relevant Ferraris. With the Miura, he definitely succeeded in terms of advanced thinking, style, and vision.

The car got its celebrity status by being used for the opening scene of Italian Job. The orange car used for the movie was recently identified. The other one, used for the smashing up scene in the Alps disappeared the next day when the film crew came back to clean the scene. It had obviously been stolen.

Make yours this silhouette Lamborghini Miura art, beautifully created by Halmo prints.

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