Isak Vishnjikj

Isak Vishnjikj took his first breath of air in Skopje, Macedonia. Being born into this world to a loving family of artists guaranteed his future as a designer was pretty much predetermined.

“I started working in the family printing shop business at the age of 12 mastering the technique of screen printing by 13. Inspired by my surroundings, I picked up a pencil and started drawing. I didn’t realize it then, but soon it became my obsession and later, my life. I needed a place to further develop my skills which made “DSUPU Lazar Licenoski”, the only art school in Skopje, the obvious choice for my education. In the 4 years of education I developed skills such as aquatint, etching, engraving, drypoint, linocut and other drawing and graphic techniques.

Presently, I work as a graphic designer and an illustrator. I am very passionate about my job and constantly develop and improve my skills. Besides working at Pogon, I am always open to interesting side projects where I have more freedom to express myself. In my free time I play the guitar in a hard rock band and I am obsessed with crossfit training and living healthy.”

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