Ivan Borisov

How did you get into cars?

I’ve developed my passion for cars quite early. As a child, I was into arts and liked to draw. We had a friend of a family who was an artist he used to come to our house and sketch something for me. Just a quick pen doodles. Watching him draw was a mesmerizing experience. He would leave me with a picture of an old Cadillac with huge tail fins or a race car rushing through the track. It seemed effortless and was so cool that after a while all I wanted to do was drawing cars.

Growing in a post-USSR Russia I would see a lot of foreign cars appearing on the streets looking like nothing I saw before. Seemed to me they’ve come from another world. I was very curious about them and so I began to read automotive magazines. A lot of them. All the little money I had at my disposal were spent on those. At this point, it was all I’d really care to read. I was studying in art school at a time, so the idea to become a car designer came out naturally, and I went to pursue that goal.


Where did it start with your Formula One interest?

While learning all about the automotive history and the legacy of the famous companies I eventually got into motorsport and of course Formula One. I began watching F1 races in 2001. While there was a channel with live translations on TV, but Formula One was not really popular in Russia at that time, and rather than that not much information about it could be found. That made it so mysterious and fascinating to me, especially the history – legendary drivers of the past, teams that once were great then vanished and the drama. I would read all these stories as a mythos or a saga – so far away and out of this world, it seemed to me at that time.

I carried out that fascination to the Formula One through the years. When I do these illustrations I’m that young boy again who just discovered a new world. Especially so-called golden era 60s to 90s. It’s a combination of machinery, passion, characters and drama. A perfect fuse of man and machine. I like all forms of motorsport in general. Sports cars have a special kind of beauty that comes from a single purpose – be fast.


If you have an option for a permanent exhibition, where would you like it to be?

Never thought of that. Probably someplace related to Formula One. McLaren «Paragon» factory sounds nice 🙂


Imagine unlimited budget for just one car. What a vehicle you’d have in your garage?

There’s no easy answer to that question. So many great cars to choose from… I’d choose Bugatti Atlantic so I could sell it and then buy pretty much everything I would want 🙂 But jokes aside that would probably be McLaren F1 – such an outstanding car. A legend in itself.



Is there specific motorsports competition you’d like to be part of in one or another form?

I use to race cars at the amateur level and really enjoy it. I’d like to do that on a more professional level. Would be also great to design a livery to an F1 team one day.


What is the most significant motorsport moment you`ve experienced?

The first time I saw an F1 car in motion. It was a Renault F1 Team show run in Moscow in the year 2003 I think.
It was a special moment for me – the peace of the world I could only before see in pictures was now in front of my eyes, in the same reality with me.
I remember the sound of the engine. I had to walk to the place for about 10-15 minutes and all the way I could hear it becoming louder and louder.

There was no track, the car ran on city streets and it was cold grim late autumn day. Leaves already started falling down. The whole setting seemed a bit surreal.


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