Marc Carreras

Marc Carreras on his passion for cars, scale models, football, Barca, Porsche 993, working for BMW, and automotive design.

How did you get into cars?

Since I was a kid I always loved cars. My room was full of scale models and these were the only presents I asked for a long time. Years passed by and I always dreamed of working in car design, even though I realized it wouldn’t be easy, however now I work as a 3D sculptor in BMW. So we can say I am surrounded by the automotive world.

If you have an option for a permanent exhibition, where would you like it to be?

If I could choose just one place to have my artwork exposed I would probably like it to be the Petersen Museum in LA. I was once there and fell in love with it. The architecture of the building and the exposition inside both impressed me, so it would be a pleasure to be featured there.

Imagine unlimited budget for just one car. What a vehicle you’d have in your garage?

I would definitely go for a Porsche 993. This has always been my dream car. I was once very close to getting one some years ago but was a little too expensive for me at that moment so I decided to wait for a little more. Unfortunately, it has been one of the models which have increased the most his value so what was close to happen some years ago is now more difficult. I always regret not having purchased it.

Do you have specific motoring culture you admire and if yes, why?

To be honest I am more a fan of the aesthetics of automotion than of the motorsport culture. What I love the most are the classic models, I think there is nothing like 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s if we talk about car design. I love the detail they used to put in each and every single part of a car. Also, materials used were pure without as much plastic as we have nowadays.

If it weren’t cars, what would it be?

I have always been passionate about Football. I am a big fan of Barcelona and really enjoy watching it and also playing. Cars and football are my 2 passions.





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