Marco De Toma

Hi, I’m Marco De Toma but everybody calls me Deto. I was born in Brasil but since I was two raised in Milano Italy. My passion for cars probably started when I was 7 y.o. when my father made me visit some rally events. From that moment I started to draw cars or probably that was cars only in my head. 

After high school, I went to IAAD, design school in Turin, and I’m graduated in Transportation Design.

During university, I started to make some illustrations. From the very beginning, I was influenced by the velocity and use of color. In fact, in all of my art, I try to represent the soul of sports cars through the use of a multitude of colors. For me, the transition of colors represents the change due to speed.

I m in love with all the word of transportation but my true love is vintage cars, cause I think In the past there was the possibility of expressing passion through the cars, which was expressed through different forms of body and futuristic ideas.


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    Marco De Toma
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