Simply Petrol` artist famed with gold A` Design Award

Design award citroen
This is what a good news looks like! Nikolay Ivanov, one of Simply Petrol`s artists was famed with gold A` Design award in Graphics and Visual Design Competition.

He bring the prize at home with his ‘Citroen in lines’ project which follows the brand evolution during the years by depicting every single Citroen model in colorful lines. It starts with 1919 Citroen Type A and finish with e-Mehari, presented in 2016. We feel this project as declaration of love to the Citroen` brand and design.

The Simply Petrol`s team is extremely proud and happy with this success. First, because we like Citroens, second – because it is a big recognition for the young and gifted illustrator.




If you are in love with ‘Citroen in Lines’ project, just as we are – you can own one of his designs as beautiful art and poster prints or you might like to save some bucks by ordering the ‘Les grandes voitures de Citroën‘ collection.

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