Stamatis Tsirdimos

I’m Stamatis Tsirdimos. My friends call me Stam. I’m a freelance art director based in Marathon, Greece.

I love cars. I love driving them, watching them, drawing them. Especially Formula 1 cars. I remember playing as a child, Super Top Trump cards with my friends and watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix races on Sundays.

Τime passed and as a professional, I started dealing with cars from an artistic side, which day by day expanded to racing cars, historical cars, prototypes, etc.

I design the cars I like and been attracted to, in a way that it’s not a sketch, a vector or a 3d model. I’d say I design in a photographic way but with the imperfections that a hand-designed work has. The finished work though is detailed enough, to show the beauty of the object.

It’s a way of self-expression now, but also a dedication to the huge crowd of enthusiasts, that want to have a print collection of their favourite cars.


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