Top 5 reasons why car art is the perfect car enthusiast gift

car enthusiast gift

Do you know people who fall in for cars? Well, we all have someone close lurking after some polished pieces of automotive history. Just like you and me, car enthusiasts treasure to get something exquisite, uncommon and exciting. Yes, a tie on tiny cars is not a good idea. But car art should be. In this blog post, I`ll share our top 5 reasons why car art is the perfect car enthusiast gift.

1. Made by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts

In a world where most people consider cars for nothing more than a transportation device, such a thing is can be essential for car enthusiasts. Car art is conceived not just by any artist, but by ones who genuinely enjoy cars and the automotive culture around them.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on, once said Albert Einstein, and I like to stick with that rule. So, if you want to touch car enthusiasts` soul with a beautiful gift, do it with car art. This is why automotive art is the perfect car enthusiast gift.


2. You can be very specific

The beauty of automotive artists` creations is embedded deep on many layers. Find the right artist and get to know his story and artistic path. Sometimes you will be able to understand his specific point of view and justify yourself why he chose one or another drawing technique and what type of machines make him lust after. That type of insightful look will give you a better understanding of the artwork you are about to gift and sure will add to you daunting present.

3. So much history

When choosing a piece of fine car art, you have a ton of options. Such could be the type of cars by era like vintage & classic car art, modern cars art, dedicated to 30`s art deco cars or prewar racers.

60`s car art often reminds of an era with simple, appealing and sometimes dangerous vehicles. A decade later 70s cars are more elegant, considered more refined and beautiful. 80`s cars have their comeback and their rise on the classic car market is well recognised as future classics. Nevertheless, they’re gaining an increase of popularity in enthusiasts dream car list of future ownership.


4. It`s a collectable automotive art

I remember when my parents gifted pieces of art to their family friends and vice versa. Our home was way far to an art gallery, but it had the sense and the good atmospheres for the people who decided on a distinct painting or statuette. Our place was also influenced by the style of the chosen artists, and their personal perception of objects has excited us uniquely. Nevertheless, it’s an art, and its value might or might not to increase in future


5. Make a dream come true. Well, kind of

A better part of our prints will someday be hanged on a wall. It might be in the garage or on a shelf in the living room, but no matter the location it will always pull a string in a petrol’s head heart. I know because it definitely works for us.

I am the one that could imagine himself in the charming artwork, driving lazily through the countryside, just because I fell like going. Who wouldn’t want to take such a pleasurable dream for a spin?

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Car enthusiast gift

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