Why we love vintage cars art prints and posters

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Classic cars are just like matured wine. Expensive, stylish and rare but even though you cannot drink them, you might drive classic vintage vehicles or use them as an invest, if you are happy enough to afford such spending. If not, you can stare over classic cars infatuated by their lines whispering for past times, motor sport races and cultures that no longer exist …

Imagine your office, garage or just man cave to be decorated with such pieces of automotive fine car art? It will look much more nice and cozy, isn’t it? This way you will shift from magazine`s auto posters /already non-existing format/ to beautiful prints that represent car art in its best form.

Well, this is what we are all about at Simply Petrol. Not that we are going to offer only classic and vintage cars posters and art prints, but our start happened like that. The artists that inspired us to create this marketplace dedicated their creativity to immortal vehicles that probably we will never be able to afford. Or even drive. But cars like that shaped our automotive taste and preferences. Classic auto posters made us dreaming about past competitions that was all about sportsmanship, true and unaided driving skills.

We cannot blame our artists even for a second. How not to be inspired from classics like Jaguar D-Type, Ferrari 250 GT SWB, Porsche 917, all the classic Citroens, racing Alfa and Lancia models, stylish Mercedes-Benz cars and robust Land Rovers!

We didn’t plan it like that, but it is what happened. And the entire Simply Petrol team likes it. But do not allow this status to fool you. Currently we are open for modern cars art work additions. So, artists, designers, illustrators, photographers – it is your turn now. We are eager to be contacted by you to preview your works and to make you part of our already great Simply Petrol team of artists.

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