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Alexander Nikolov

Buick Riviera

Buick Riviera

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The Unconventional Transformation of the Boat-Tail Buick Riviera: From Unpopular to Collectible

When we rewind to the past, the third-generation boat-tail Riviera wasn't exactly stealing the spotlight. Its unique design didn't quite click with the public, leading to a sharp decline in sales for the American manufacturer. Fast forward to today, and the Buick Riviera has transformed into a sought-after collectible, capturing the hearts of many. But how did this remarkable shift come about?


Enter the Buick Riviera: A Captivating Visual Statement

The debut of the first-generation Buick Riviera in 1963 was met with instant success. Its successor, introduced in 1966, continued to ride the wave of popularity. Then came the third generation in 1970, hitting the scene as the 1971 model year. This iteration showcased a striking boat-tail design, a creation of Jerry Hirshberg under the watchful eye of Bill Mitchell. Drawing inspiration from the '63 Corvette Sting Ray split-window coupe, they aimed to translate its essence into a larger canvas for their ambitious project. The car also inherited Buick's signature Sweepspear, a curvaceous trim line running along the car's length, accentuating its exhilarating style.



Artistry in the Form of Buick Riviera

Interestingly, the initial design for the Riviera was intended for a smaller platform. The initial sketches were rooted in this concept. However, when Buick's new general manager, Lee Mays, laid eyes on the plans, he nixed the idea of investing resources in a new body shell. This decision led to an upscale of the boat-tail design, sharing much of its body with the full-sized LeSabre. This is why, from certain angles, the boat-tail Buick Riviera appears somewhat unconventional and distinctive. Think of it like a movie star, exuding its charm from specific perspectives, while keeping a certain mystery from others.

Now, you have the opportunity to own a piece of this captivating narrative without revealing the whole story. Those in the know will grasp its significance at a single glance, while others might simply pass by. Enrich your collection with the artistry captured by the talented photographer Alexander Nikolov, carefully presented as a photo art print by Simply Petrol.

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Alexander Nikolov

The affinity in photography led Alexander to his Master degree in Photographic Arts. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria his main artistic interest is in contemporary art, especially minimalistic photography.

His works were featured in numerous exhibitions and were selected for high-end contests. He relies both on analog and digital cameras for his shoots and sometimes Alexander even grabs his smartphone. You can distinguish his style by the specific collages he creates. In his art, Alexander embeds thoughts and situations of his own. And the car is playing a major role as object of his works.

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