Collection: Michal Wojtaszek

Born and raised in Poland, my lifelong passion for cars and automobile design led me to study Transportation Design at Pforzheim University in Germany. Since graduation, I've worked as a freelance designer for esteemed clients in the automobile industry, including Qoros Auto, Bentley Motors, and Mercedes-Benz AMG. During my studies, I had the privilege of a year-long internship and Master Thesis project at the Porsche Advanced Design Studio in Weissach.

This transformative experience fulfilled my dream of professional car design and equipped me with extensive knowledge for future projects. I believe that understanding the rich heritage and history of automobiles is crucial for shaping the vehicles of tomorrow. Inspired by classic cars that mark significant milestones in automotive development, I express my passion through a series of digital sketches. Each artwork aims to capture the unique character of these influential cars, experimenting with colors and techniques to enhance their defining features. I