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Aston Martin DBR9 fine car artwork by Ankur Singh.

Carefully produced with our giclée process to maximize color accuracy and resolution. At Simply Petrol, we use the highest-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper (315 gsm) with delicate texture and acid free surface.

Giclée (French for “to spray”) is a printing process where millions of ink droplets are sprayed to saturate the fibers of the watercolor paper, resulting in pure, rich color and remarkable detail.



The LeMans endurance competition is a gruesome party where only the best and luckiest are going to be victorious. The Champaign bottle is not for everyone, no doubt. If you are missing the luck factor over and over again, you should be persistent to get closer to the highest podium position. Just like this Aston Martin DBR9 art, dedicated to an excellent racer chased by a bad luck for two years in a row. When finally it took the GT1 class victory at La Sarthe circuit in 2007.

This Aston Martin DBR9 art is a Gulf-livery tribute to Le Mans

Aston Martin DBR9 is the racing incarnation of the notorious Bond-machine DB9. The car is based on the stock V12 coupe with a top speed as of 295 km/h. In order to hit the track, DBR9 get rid of the aluminum body panels in favor of carbon fiber composite. The bottom of the car was made completely flat. To optimize rear downforce a carbon fiber wing was added. The heart of this racing Aston retained the V12 block and the cylinder head of the stock car.

Aston Martin DBR9 debuted in 2005 when it won the Sebring 12 Hours in the LMGT1 category. Even though the start was more than promising, the British racer became third at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, behind the Corvette. A year later, DBR9 couldn’t repeat this success and finished again behind the Corvette. In 2007, Aston Martin finally became victorious at Le Mans with the DBR9. It was a perfect run for Aston Martin after all of their racers successfully finished and took the cup.

Aston Martin DBR9 #009 in Gulf livery became the Le Mans class winner. It was raced by the factory backed Prodrive team Aston Martin Racing. David Brabham, Darren Turner, and Rickard Rydell were faster than anyone else in GT1 class at Le Mans and carved down their names in the motorsports history.

Now you can get this stunning car art reminder of consistency paying back as beautiful Aston Martin DBR9 art print, created by Ankur Singh and carefully issued by Simply Petrol.



Ankur Singh is a full-time transportation designer at Design Storz, Austria.

His passion for art began at a tender age when he began experimenting with different forms of art. He soon developed an innate love for cars and motorbikes. This passion drove him towards concept art and finally towards the design industry. He now holds a double masters degree in Industrial and Transportation Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano.

Ankur believes that automotive art is more than just drawing cars, it is about condensing the entire story into a fraction and captivating & mesmerizing the viewer with it. Because of this reason, his rendering style and skill set vary from creating hyper-realistic artworks to raw, unpolished sketches. He is fond of big bold colors and attention to detail. He strongly advocates that beauty lies in the details.



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 : Ankur Singh
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