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Joel Clark

Land Rover Series II

Land Rover Series II

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It's an interesting fact that the luxurious off-roading which is so popular today starts from a Willys Jeep with a centrally-mounted steering wheel and agricultural usage. This Land Rover Series art print by Joel Clark tells the beautiful story of a genuine British icon.

This Land Rover Series art print is all about postwar Britain

WWII is over and the demand for luxury cars on the British islands is very low. This creates a huge opportunity for the Rover Company whose chief designer back then is Maurice Wilks. He comes up with a plan for a light vehicle that serves both as a personal car and an agricultural tractor - something like the Unimog of post-war Germany. Land Rover Series I is among the very first signs of postwar recovery in England and it leaves its mark on the automotive world in a pretty unexpected way.


Land Rover-Series I car art


Agriculture meets luxury

The production of the Land Rover Series starts in 1948. Originally a 1.6-litre petrol engine producing 51 hp powers the vehicle. It relies on an unusual 4WD system with a freewheel unit which disengages the front axle from the manual transmission on the overrun, allowing a form of permanent 4WD. It is a basic vehicle with door tops and roof as major entries within the options list. The lights behind the front grille are a sign of the vehicle's initial design because. After 1950, they work without the interference of a meshwork.

The car is built as 2 and 4-door off-road vehicle and a 2-door pickup. Soon after its launch, the demand for a more luxurious version is noticeable. In 1949 Rover introduces the Station Wagon option. The Tickford company, a coachbuilder famous with their work with Rolls Royce and Lagond, builds the body of the car. The leather seats, the heating, and the wooden body are expensive and the car goes to the private cars category. This is heavily taxed back in the day.

What is special about this Land Rover Series art print by Joel Clark is the hand-cut vinyl technique. 

Fine art print on 240gsm bright white matte paper. Signed and limited to 100 editions of each size. Taken from the hand-cut vinyl original artwork.

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Joel Clark

His love of Motorsport, and anything-on-wheels, stretches back to childhood and growing up near to Silverstone. Joel`s father would take him to vintage race meets throughout the 80's, resulting in his obsession with cars and bikes Upon leaving school, Joel took a job designing and making vinyl stickers for race teams, with a Sign maker based at the circuit. This is where he learnt the skill of ‘hand-cutting’ vinyl.

However Joel soon decided to go to Art College and 6 years later, left to pursue a career as a Creative in Advertising - working in some of the world’s biggest agencies. Since leaving Advertising in 2014, he has now gone full-circle and returned to the unique skill Joel learnt back at Silverstone in 1990.

Now he hands cut the vinyl to create artworks of cars. This use of vinyl gives Joel`s original pieces a totally unique finish to that of the actual car he is depicting. And when applied to helmets and body-panels, the results turn real objects into surreal pop art sculptures. Up to date, Joel Clark is the only artist using hand cut vinyl as a medium – therefore his artworks are a truly unique and original offering.

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