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David Pisani

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II “Spirit of Ecstasy”

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II “Spirit of Ecstasy”

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The Silver Shadow stands as an illustrious emblem of Rolls Royce, arguably claiming the title of the brand's most renowned creation. Its production volume surpasses that of all other models from the esteemed British manufacturer. This captivating photo art print, skillfully crafted by David Pisani, pays homage to this opulent vehicle while placing a spotlight on the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy – a delicate figurine adorning the radiator grille.

A Timeless Love Story

The Rolls Royce mascot has an interesting backstory. The sculptor behind the Spirit of Ecstasy is Charles Sykes, and it represents the mistress of the second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. 

When Baron Montagu wanted a mascot for his personal Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, he asked his friend Charles Sykes. He chose Eleanor as the model. Her figure, with a flowing robe and fingers on her lips, symbolizes a secret love story.

Later, in 1911, Sykes was commissioned again. Claude Johnson, the director of Rolls Royce, wanted a unique mascot. Many people were putting inappropriate ornaments on their cars. Sykes created a variation of the Baron Montagu's figurine, known as the Spirit of Ecstasy. He described it as "a graceful little goddess, the Spirit of Ecstasy, who loves road travel and is perched on the front of a Rolls-Royce car, enjoying the fresh air and the fluttering of her drapery."

Since then, almost every Rolls Royce has the Spirit of Ecstasy on its neoclassical radiator grille. David Pisani's camera beautifully captures the elegance of the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. You can own this exquisite car art as a photo print - order now at Simply Petrol.

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David Pisani

David Pisani is a professional photographer specialized in architecture and urban reportage. He is mostly known for his passion for Black and White photography and is an avid darkroom printer.

His love for classic and vintage cars is probably less known however he has been a classic car enthusiast since childhood, so it was only inevitable that one day he should turn his camera to these marvels of engineering and beauty.

He often photographs the cars with cameras of the same vintage and all his images are originated on film. David’s evocative and sensual photography transcends the classic car ethos to produce images of intrinsic beauty.

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